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Marc M Wilson
Wedding Photographer

Christchurch | New Zealand


I’ve always had a passion for creatively capturing and conveying the beauty of things, and approach photography as an art form that blends creativity and reality. People in meaningful moments adds another dimension of depth, so that’s where wedding photography comes in for me—immortalising meaningful moments as art: those genuine interactions, the awesome atmosphere, funny incidents, capturing character and quiet interludes—the stories of your special day, conveying them in lively, engaging and creative ways as stunning story-art pieces.

My background as a nature & people photographer, artist and graphic designer feeds into the quality and uniqueness of my work, for a style that lends well to a contemporary wedding photography—from the shoot, through all-important processing, to designing beautiful photo books.

I enjoy joy, most good things, conversation, the arts, nature, beauty, a cup of tea and live by the beach with my lovely wife, a handsome stupid cat and a cute dog inherited from children who have now left home. 


Do you do a preliminary site visit?

I prefer to visit your venue before the big day and preferably with you—so we can plan a few things out and know what to expect.

Do you get the photos to us quickly??

Yes!  I think that’s important—I know what it means to see and share them! It’s a point of difference I can offer because I don’t cram lots of weddings in, so I can focus on yours more than is usual in the industry.

I do my best to find a few key shots within the first few days that you may want to share with family and friends.

After that, it depends on the size of your wedding and can vary depending on how much else I have on, but I aim for within two weeks and less than four weeks.

How do you charge?

Your wedding photos and album are an investment—things you will deeply treasure as they become more precious over time.

There are many variables to a wedding shoot and a lot of work around it all. So I prefer to do a package tailored to your particular wedding and wishes.

It’s important to me that everyone is happy, so we can discuss what you are after and work it out to suit.

As a guide, I offer 3 packages, which can be customised to suit:

I’m yours for the whole day of shooting, covering all events such as getting ready, venue & details, ceremony, family groups, bridal party photoshoot, bride and groom photoshoot/s (as many destinations and settings on the day as you like), reception and candid or quick pose shots of guests and setting shots.
Quality edits and styling of all images
Full custom editing of all ‘hero shots’.
Online galleries to share with family and friends.
Online optimised size and full-size print files of all shots.
From $4800 + gst

If you have a more standard wedding but don’t want photos of everything, or it’s a smaller or simpler wedding. Otherwise, as above but fewer photos and fewer hero images.
From $3600 +gst

Small, simpler weddings or partial coverage ie only the ceremony and Bride & Groom. For when there’s not so much to cover or you don’t want many photos or have the budget for it.
Around $2400 +gst

Prints, photo book design & printing, extra or further special image adjustments and treatments, and travel beyond Christchurch would all be at additional cost.


Does the cost include all the photos?

Yes. You will have access to all the images on your own gallery website. You can download as many as you want as HD jpeg files (good for posting online and smaller prints).

It also includes the direct supply of all the ‘hero’ shots (usually about 20-50) as full resolution files for print enlargements etc.

If you want a larger number of full-resolution files, this can be arranged and there will be an extra charge for time in executing this.


We can negotiate payments to suit, with a deposit to confirm the booking. I will give you an invoice for the balance to be paid before releasing your precious photos.

Do you travel?

That’s a case by case basis these days! But worth telling me about your plans and asking.



I can look after all your prints with gallery-quality printing—enlargements mounted, framed or printed canvas—edge-wrapped or framed.

I use a variety of specialised professional services according to what’s the best fit for what you want, chosen for best quality, service and value. I will give you options and prices before ordering.


This should NOT be an extra—it’s a must-have!…You are going to looove your wedding album book! It’s an investment in something you will deeply treasure as it becomes more precious over time. And why would you get me to take all these gorgeous photos just to have them sit on a hard drive or float about in a cloud??

I offer a range of bespoke albums: they are all superbly designed (I’m a seasoned graphic designer too) so that the arrangement of every image and page is perfected to maximise awesomeness and bring out the best in your photos. It’s about choosing the right images, in the right order, laid out in the right way—no automated naff templates here!

Whether leather-bound, embossed & boxed or a more magazine-style softcover with a simpler layout, I use a selection of specialised suppliers and options to match your budget and preference.


If you would like some video coverage of any aspects of your wedding, I can’t do both at once (!), but I do have videographers I know and trust to work with, or can work in with someone you choose.

If you’d like some shorter clips of non-critical parts of the day (ie other than the ceremony and isle shots)—when I don’t need to be taking stills at the same time, I CAN do that and it will add a bit extra to the deal (depending on how much & long).

Most wedding videographers charge a similar amount to photographers (depending on the extent of coverage), so if you want some video but aren’t keen on this extra, full-video investment, a shorter reel by me of non-critical moments may be a happier option.

Extra mile things

You may want some extra special things, for example:

  • for the photoshoot—a mountaintop, etc—or simply a variety of venues, we can work it out.
  • I can also get involved in helping with suggestions for (or organising) settings/destinations;
  • You may want to take advantage of having extended family gathered to have some well-considered group portraits done;
  • The more preliminary site visits and rehearsals the better the results on the day too;
  • Second photographer/ assistant photographer: getting multiple angles of key events is an option;
  • Extended website galleries or photo editing or printing


family portrait

Portraits and Family Photoshoots

As well as weddings,  I do portraits for people and families, with a flavour for real-life settings—around home or at a chosen place.

event photo

Event photography

I take a ‘documentary style’ approach to events—catching the live flavour of things through primarily candid capture (you didn’t see me take it), as well as any obligatory organised shots, such as groups etc.

fine art photo of flowers

Fine art photographs

Over the years I’ve accrued a collection of creative, artistic photographs where I like to bring out the beauty of things around us. These often have an abstract element to them. Most are available as quality artwork prints.

Moments are a moment—make them immortal in X-factor images to rock your married socks for years to come!

Get in touch for a no-obligation chat, or to go for a date & engagement of my services!

Questions? Like to shoot ahead?—leave me some lines

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